My name is Peter. I write things.

Specifically, I write flintlock space fantasy stories inspired by Safavid-era Iran and songs about the technoapocalypse.

My work has appeared in the Stonecoast Review literary arts journal and on the Breathing in the Gate digital mixtape. My essay, “The Vault of Heaven: Science Fiction’s Perso-Arabic Origins,” received the 2018 Walter James Miller Memorial Award for Student Scholarship in the International Fantastic.

I also edit things. I've served as an assistant editor at IDW Publishing (where I worked on the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Darkness Visible), and I'm currently serving as the assistant editor on Gabriel Rodríguez's Sword of Ages, as an associate editor for the Hugo Award-nominated science fiction podcast Escape Pod, and as the audio producer for the World Fantasy Award-nominated fantasy fiction podcast PodCastle. (I’ve appeared as a narrator on both podcasts.)

When I'm not writing or editing, you'll most likely find me hurtling down a mountain, sipping English Breakfast, and brushing up on my Farsi (though usually not all at once). 

You can find my sporadic ramblings on Twitter @pabehravesh, or you can use the button below to drop me a line, if you're so inclined!

Photo by Benjamin Rubenstein.

Photo by Benjamin Rubenstein.