My name is Peter. I write things.

Specifically, I write flintlock space fantasy stories inspired by Safavid-era Iran and songs about the technoapocalypse. My essay, “The Vault of Heaven: Science Fiction’s Perso-Arabic Origins,” received the 2018 Walter James Miller Memorial Award for Student Scholarship in the International Fantastic.

I also edit things. I've served as an assistant editor at IDW Publishing (where I worked on the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Darkness Visible) and as an associate editor for the Hugo Award-nominated science fiction podcast Escape Pod. I currently serve as an editor at Seven Seas Entertainment. I’m also the audio producer for the World Fantasy and British Fantasy Award-nominated fantasy fiction podcast PodCastle, and I’ve appeared as a narrator on both Escape Pod and PodCastle.

When I'm not writing or editing, you'll most likely find me hurtling down a mountain, sipping English Breakfast, and brushing up on my Farsi (though usually not all at once). 

You can find my sporadic ramblings on Twitter @pabehravesh, or you can use the button below to drop me a line!

Photo by Benjamin Rubenstein.

Photo by Benjamin Rubenstein.