I’ve been dying to post this song since the day it was written.

Not only does my blog take its title from the lyrics, but the song parallels the journey upon which I embarked more than two years ago (this behemoth of a book I keep droning on about).

In January 2010, my friend Tim and I began writing an album of electronic music. We initially hoped to release it in June 2011. Life got in the way, but we stayed motivated. We now have around fifteen songs, ragged fragments, and late-night strains that don’t sound quite as good in the light of day.

Our new goal is to produce a demo EP and see where it takes us. I’ll keep posting tracks as Tim and I finish them. In the meantime, you should really listen to some of the amazing work on his site.

The fire grows and dies and re-ignites. I write and erase and revise.


Tim - Vocals, Keys, Additional Synths; Peter - Vocals, Guitars