52 Weeks

No, I haven’t finished the book.

When I first embarked upon this journey three years ago, I had certain expectations (delusions perhaps) about the writing process. And it seems the more diligently I write, the harder it becomes. Writing a book—even a mediocre one—takes a lot of work.

I started this blog in May, and at the time I hoped to have a rough draft of Part 1 completed in December. I’ve since fallen behind. But, barring some unforeseen calamity, I should still be done by the end of January. When I’m finished, you can expect a nice, long, celebratory post.

In the meantime I’ve decided that for the next year, in addition to whatever else I’m writing, I’m going to write a poem a week.

I don’t fancy myself a poet. But I think it’s important to keep creating, and I don’t want to become mired in any one medium.

Some of my poems will no doubt suck. Maybe most of them will. But hopefully in time, as I find my voice, I’ll discover something unique and perhaps even worthy to offer. We’ll see. If nothing else, this will be good exercise.