Sir...her name?

When it comes to TV and film, I'm always late to the party.

I'm not the guy who arrives twenty minutes after everyone else. I'm not even the guy who rolls up three hours in (with a bottle of apology Scotch).

I'm the guy pounding on the door at 2AM begging you to make me nachos.

All of which is to say, I finally watched AMC's LOW WINTER SUN. And I loved it.

So angst. Much bald.

So angst. Much bald.

I know a lot people were down on the show because it's so bleak. But honestly, the darkness does it for me. The entire season (which really should be viewed as a standalone miniseries*) was one long, slow boil. At times, it reminded me of THE WIRE, or even TRUE DETECTIVE. And while it never quite reached the brilliance of either of those shows, it came damn close.

On the surface, it's a police procedural: Two detectives try to "solve" a murder they committed without drawing attention to their own guilt.

But the twists come hard and fast. Not only was the victim a fellow detective (under investigation by Internal Affairs), but when they dredge up his car from the Detroit River, they discover another body in the trunk.

I don't want to get any more spoilery than that, because this is a show that deserves to be viewed fresh. Mark Strong's turn as Detective Frank Agnew is fantastic, particularly in the penultimate episode.

And that finale…

Like the rest of the series, the finale was fucking bleak. After everything Agnew went through, he still doesn't know Katia's real name. Did any of it mean anything? Was it all for nothing? Smash cut to credits.**

No happy endings here. But that's just how I like it.


*The entire series is only ten episodes, and is currently available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

**Featuring the gorgeously haunting "Hammer" by Delta Spirit. I couldn't find a link to stream the song, but you owe it to yourself to hunt it down and take a listen.