The Divine Isles

I decided to post a sketch I drew of the Divine Isles (the world in which one of my current works-in-progress, A RAVENING FIRE, takes place).

Because reasons.

I actually drew a much more detailed version with mountain ranges, kingdom boundaries, and place names. But since I already know some of the names will be changing in the next draft, I decided to post my original sketch, with just the shapes of the isles themselves.

The inspiration for the largest isle actually came from a scrap of leather I found while wandering through the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It struck me as unique and interesting, so I pocketed it (though I'm not usually the kind of guy who wanders around picking up trash in strange places—I SWEAR). I copied the shape of the scrap freehand, adding in lots of "fiddly bits" and rivers and such (not to mention the other isles).

I'm happy with how it turned out.