2015 (Writing Update)

2014 was a shitty year. Easily the shittiest in my life. But I grew a lot as a writer, and I'm exceedingly proud of the stories I wrote this year:

  • I finished the alpha reader draft of A RAVENING FIRE (93,000 words)
  • I wrote the second SEASONS OF KAERU AND SAGI story, THE CALL OF YATAGARASU (6,800 words)
  • I finished the initial rough draft of A RAVAGING SEA (approx. 120,000 words)
  • I wrote and revised THE TROJAN CHILD (800 words)
  • I wrote and revised A SMUDGED AND CROOKED LINE (6,600 words)
  • I wrote the initial rough draft of THE DISTANT LIGHT OF DAWN (16,700 words)

I had also hoped to write/revise the beta reader draft of A RAVENING FIRE, but I wasn't able to accomplish this (due in no small part to the aforementioned shittiness).

Writing goals for 2015:

  • Write/revise the beta reader draft of A RAVENING FIRE
  • Write/revise the alpha reader draft of THE DISTANT LIGHT OF DAWN
  • Write/revise the alpha reader draft A RAVAGING SEA
  • Write the third SEASONS story, THE BLADE OF YATAGARASU
  • Outline the first in a series of space fantasy novels, GARDEN OF THE STARS
  • Write one or two interlude stories for SEASONS (if there's time)

Does my reach exceed my grasp? Maybe. But I'm excited for each of these stories. And if there's one thing writers do, it's write. Plus, putting my goals down like this gives me motivation to meet them.

Writing goals for January:

  • Schedule my writing time for the year, setting challenging-yet-realistic deadlines to meet the above goals
  • Compile all alpha reader notes for A RAVENING FIRE
  • Begin writing/revising the beta reader draft of A RAVENING FIRE

Reading goals for January:

(I want to keep track of what books I read this year, so I'm going to start including this section in each monthly update going forward.)

  • Finish reading BELOVED by Toni Morrison
  • Finish listening to REPUBLIC OF THIEVES by Scott Lynch
  • Start reading ANCILLARY SWORD by Ann Leckie

I think that's plenty for one year. What about you, dear reader? What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

EDIT: Since writing this post, I’ve adjusted my overall schedule for 2015 somewhat. The biggest change is that I’ve decided to hold off working on the alpha reader draft for A RAVAGING SEA. Even though I know a few of my readers are eager to see it, it doesn't really make sense to continue working on it until I have a solid draft of A RAVENING FIRE. Changes in one will affect the other, and there’s no reason to work on something I know I’m going to scrap later (well, not NO reason, but I can think of better uses for my time). The upshot is that all of my other projects this year will have a lot more room to breathe. This wasn’t an easy decision, but I feel it’s the right one. And until I get a book deal, I'm answerable to no one but myself.